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Monday, September 13th, 2004
5:17 pm
new lj...
new lj - www.livejournal.com/~lowbrassninja
new email - lowbrassninja@gmail.com


see a trend?
Thursday, June 10th, 2004
2:18 pm
So, last night I went out to see Shrek 2 again, this time with Nancy, Mikey, Rafe, and Charlotte. Amy and Jay Jay disappeared at the theater...it was weird. Nancy got her picture taken with a snake, and I have become even more obsessed with Puss in Boots and Gourmet Gumballs. Hence, the new LJ Icon thingy. I was cracking UP at the theater, even though I had already seen and heard all the jokes. Ahh...good times.

Final Destination = "SHUT UP BILLY!"

Shrek 2 = "You still look like an ass to me!"

I spilled my chips at Chipotle.

1:56 pm
I love funny AIM conversations...
LowBrassNinja: ok
MC Fury NZ: ok
LowBrassNinja: ok
LowBrassNinja: i hope i get to ride an elephant this summer
MC Fury NZ: o rily?
LowBrassNinja: rily.
MC Fury NZ: at the zoo?
LowBrassNinja: no
MC Fury NZ: o my
LowBrassNinja: in the wild
MC Fury NZ: o rily?
MC Fury NZ: africa?
LowBrassNinja: with all his friends
LowBrassNinja: no
LowBrassNinja: asia
MC Fury NZ: you're going to asia?
LowBrassNinja: african elephants are wimps
LowBrassNinja: no i'm going to scotland
MC Fury NZ: ?
MC Fury NZ: asia = scotland?
LowBrassNinja: in some states, yes
MC Fury NZ: ah
LowBrassNinja: i'm eating pepperoni
LowBrassNinja: yumm
MC Fury NZ: i wish i was eating pepperoni
LowBrassNinja: i bet you do
MC Fury NZ: i should have a sandwich en route to my house though
LowBrassNinja: ok
MC Fury NZ: from a deli
LowBrassNinja: mine's tyson pepperoni
LowBrassNinja: tyson SANDWICH pepperoni
LowBrassNinja: it's big
LowBrassNinja: not pizza pepperoni
LowBrassNinja: that's too small
LowBrassNinja: wait
LowBrassNinja: where am i?
LowBrassNinja: SHUT UP BILLY!
MC Fury NZ: mike tyson?
LowBrassNinja: i guess
LowBrassNinja: no
LowBrassNinja: definitely.
LowBrassNinja: wheeeooowheeeooowheeeooo
MC Fury NZ: mike tyson is cool.

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, June 3rd, 2004
3:34 pm
3:20 pm
Hey everyone. Chili.

I mean, FACE!!!

OK bye.

Current Mood: FACE!!!
Monday, May 31st, 2004
10:03 pm
I'm shiny!
Your a sousaphone!! Your the kind of tuba people march with. You probably love attention and being on the move. You rise above all of the other instruments in the parade.
Your a sousaphone!! Your the kind of tuba people
march with. You probably love attention and
being on the move. You rise above all of the
other instruments in the parade.

What Type Of Tuba Are You
brought to you by Quizilla

Current Mood: shiny
9:46 pm
Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile. I've been moderately busy.

9th grade is OVER! School is DONE!

I can't wait for this summer to start feeling like summer. I'm still thinking, "Oh crap! I have to get home and finish my homework!" But then, I think, "Wait a second...isn't it summer? Oh, yeah! Summer! w00t!"

So that's the story. Peachy keen, wasn't it?

I wish for a pony. And a Nerf gun. And pants.

OK. GO SEE SHREK 2! It's hilarious! Puss in Boots is a complete P.I.M.P., and I'm not even kidding.

OK, I have devised the top 10 list of funniest words ever. Here we go.

10. Canada
9. Underpants
8. Llama
7. Pickle
6. Pants
5. Billy
4. Face
3. Pudding
2. Bucket
1. *I can't tell you, you'll overuse it and it won't be funny anymore*

At least, those are the funniest on my list. Write your own list! I'll grade it.

See you on the falipizzle sidizzle!


Current Mood: mischievous
Tuesday, May 25th, 2004
7:26 pm
I hate exam so much. I have biology and algebra 2 tomorrow. UGH!!!


Oh, and I have a new AIM SN. It's LowBrassNinja. (Yes!!!)

Later. As in after tomorrow. If I survive.

Current Mood: worried
Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
9:31 pm
i actually have a title!
more randomness.

trrreeeeaaaasure: why?
MrSmiley569: why what
trrreeeeaaaasure: why your face!
trrreeeeaaaasure: LOL
MrSmiley569: oh my god
trrreeeeaaaasure: *runs away*
trrreeeeaaaasure: wait
trrreeeeaaaasure: what?
trrreeeeaaaasure: oh your god?
trrreeeeaaaasure: so you're saying your god is better than mine
trrreeeeaaaasure: *sobs*
MrSmiley569: you silly man
MrSmiley569: i have to go do my geometry project
trrreeeeaaaasure: ok
trrreeeeaaaasure: don't miss
MrSmiley569: i wont
trrreeeeaaaasure: goo
trrreeeeaaaasure: i mean good

Current Mood: titlicious
9:20 pm
reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllly random.

noranOzyark: oh btw
noranOzyark: there's an amazing song you should hear
trrreeeeaaaasure: what
noranOzyark: "space oddity" by david bowie
trrreeeeaaaasure: heh
trrreeeeaaaasure: david bowie
trrreeeeaaaasure: what a freaktard
noranOzyark: yeah
noranOzyark: good music tho
trrreeeeaaaasure: ummm...
trrreeeeaaaasure: yeeeeaaaaano.


noranOzyark: so how did you come to be in love with nancy peraskabalkjweoulous?
trrreeeeaaaasure: i'm gonna say band camp
trrreeeeaaaasure: final answer

Current Mood: confused
9:03 pm
Ok. My last days of school left post thingy for me was wrong. it's now...

6.5 more days.


Anyways, I'm chilling. Barely any more homework now (which is definitely good).

So, I guess I'll glare at Emma.

Or jump Jake.


Oh, oh oh! Guess what? I'm getting some kind of reptile! I'm going for turtle or snake. Possibly lizard.

So...how ya looking gals?

Current Mood: giddy
Thursday, May 13th, 2004
7:11 pm
12 days of school on the wall, 12 days of school,
You take one down, pass it around,
11 days of school on the wall!

I'm so glad that school's almost over. Summer! I love you! The season. Yeah. Not a girl. Yeah. Because that would be cheating on Nancy!

The Marching Band show rocks so many socks, oh man. Yay for Smokey the Bandit!

And yay for me!

And you!

Alright, anyone have any comments or suggestions? Please place them in the box.

Ok bye.

Current Mood: optimistic
Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
8:48 pm
i know it's frightful to think of, but i might start using capitilization and the such.


Current Mood: confused
8:46 pm
even more jokes...

there's a golfer and a nun on a golf course. the golfer tees off, and completely misses the green and hits a sand trap. "godamnit! i missed!" he yelled. the nun looked at him and waved her finger, barking "son! never say that word or use god's name in vain!" the golfer goes to the sand trap, and chips it out, but the ball flies over the green and into the rough. "godamnit! i missed!" he yelled again. "son! i said never to use that word!" the golfer goes onto the rough, and hits the ball way off target, into the woods. "godamnit! i missed!" he yelled again. suddenly, a bolt of lightning streaks from the sky, striking and killing the nun. a booming voice echoes from the sky, uttering "godamnit, i missed!"

Current Mood: sleepy
8:41 pm
more jokes.

so. there are three construction workers, on top of the roof of this building. the bell rings for lunch, so they all take out their lunchboxes. the first guy, joe, looks in his lunchbox and says, "ah, man, ham sandwich again? if i get ham one more time, i'm gonna throw myself off this roof." the next guy, billy, looks in his lunchbox, and says, "not again! i got bologna! if i get bologna one more time, i'm throwing myself off this roof!" then the third guy, bob, looks in his lunchbox, and says, "aw, man. i got pb and j. if i get pb and j one more time, well, well i'll throw myself off this here roof!" the next day at lunch break, they all open their lunchboxes again. joe looks in and says, "yes! turkey! i don't have to throw myself off the roof!" then billy looks in his lunchbox and says, "hah! roast beef! i don't have to throw myself off the roof either!" then bob opens his lunchbox and says, "aw, man. pb and j. well, nice knowing ya, guys." and he throws himself off the roof. joe starts to cry, and billy comes up to him and says, "dude, don't cry for him, you know as well as i do that he packs his own lunch..."

Current Mood: good
Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
9:20 pm
this is from adam's lj...

Billy-Bob and Bubba decide that they're gonna go to college. So when they get to the college Bubba goes in to the dean and asks to sign up. They have a seat and the dean explains what kinds of courses Bubba should take:
The Dean says, "Well, Bubba, I think you should take history, math, and logic."
Bubba replies, "Now what is logic?"
"Let me give you an example. Do you have a weedwhacker?"
"Well, if you have a weedwhacker, I can assume you have a lawn. If you have a lawn I can assume you have a house. If you have a house I can assume you have a wife, and therefore I can assume that you are a heterosexual."
"Wow, that's pretty amazing."
So Bubba goes out to his friend Billy-Bob and explains to him what courses he will take.
Bubba says, "I'm gonna take history, math, and logic."
Billy-Bob responds, "Now what in tarnation is logic?"
"Well let me give you an example. Do you have a weedwhacker?"
"You're a queer, ain't ya?"

Current Mood: amused
9:03 pm
ok. aaaaallllllllll day today i thought it was wednesday. so i was chillin, then in english mrs. hautz was like "2 quizzes, mama mia, whatsa matter for you?" and i was like "what?!" so i took them. sad story. then at lunch, i still thought it was wednesday, so i was like "wait, don't we have thoses dissection things today in bio?" and jake was like "what?!", then a math test, ugh, and i was like "what?!" but then i remembered i studied for it. then in bio we went to the compooper lab. and i was heading towards her room when someone stopped me in the hall, and she was like "we're in the computer lab today" and i was like "what?!" so i went to the compooper lab. then in band, i thought "wait, i have a group meeting today! what?!" then i was like "i hate wednesdays" and markl was like "it's tuesday" and i was like "what?!"

then i went home.

hooray for home!

cause home is where the heart is.

yay for hearts!

i'm making a picture book. i'll post it here or on the 8th grade nuts website later.

umm, later.


Current Mood: relaxed
Saturday, May 8th, 2004
6:31 pm
i'm not at my house.

i commandeered my friends computer.

and he has a foam-covered sword.

i mean, two foam-covered swords.

run awaaaay!

Current Mood: crazy
11:48 am
and something that sucks:

i'm gonna get eaten alive by cicadas cause i'm gonna be mowing lawns all summer.



Current Mood: cranky
11:44 am
i think jake and emma are the only ones who read my lj.

i feel unloved.

Current Mood: sad
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